• Why do writers write?
  • Why do actors act?
  • Why do directors craft a story?
  • Why do cinematographers shoot images?
  • Why do audio specialists capture sounds?
  • Why do editors cut film?
  • Why do colorists create moods and focus the audiences’ attention?
  • Why do audiences watch films?


Because when it is done right, it is magic — the audience will laugh, cry, dream, imagine, admire, appreciate, love and care.

Films are where all of humanity can…
share an emotional experience.


We believe the best films are made when a team of talented artists - whether they are filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, actors, writers, editors or colorists - are given the trust and latitude necessary to foster their individual creativities.


If you have a story to tell, have footage that needs cutting, or have a story cut that needs an artistic finishing, then we would like to help. Click here and simply Reach Out to us.

With gratitude and appreciation,
Steve Carson, founder

Suddenly Seeking Creativity

Suddenly Seeking Creativity

Act 1

In the end, he could no longer silence the voice in the back of his mind. It had progressed from a passing thought to a yearning and, finally, to an obsession. It was a classic battle between the long-established left side of his brain and that new upstart right side. In the balance was a 27 year career in business, banking and mergers & acquisitions. The left-side never saw it coming. He took the plunge - selling his businesses and jumping feet first into the uncharted waters of creativity.

Act 2

That began a five year voyage, one of discovery into the world of filmmaking. He researched and purchased equipment. He learned basic skills of storytelling, cinematography and editing. He found an interesting story and made a documentary film. For a while it even appeared as though the Corporation for Public Broadcasting would pick it up. However, somewhere between wishful thinking and the realities of the national economy, the film's debut was demoted from the Chinese Theatre's Red Carpet to the Internet and the living rooms of family and friends.

All was not lost, he refocused on acquiring more skills, specialized training, and better tools. He forged together the perfect blend of technical skills and creative skills. Technical skills needed to understand and utilize the tools of the trade. Creative skills needed to craft a story - while simultaneously guiding the attention and emotions of the audience.

Act 3

Present day ... he has made the move from Florida to Southern California, the color grading/editing suite has been decked out with the hot new hardware; DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro (both versions - the good twin and the evil one) have starring roles; and, Apple has bestowed its "Certified Pro" designation.

The ending ... it's up to you, after all YOU are the screenwriter ... you did see that coming - didn't you?